Alexander & Brook is currently accepting both agented and unagented submissions. You are welcome to send us either proposals for books, or completed manuscripts. If the former, please send samples of your work along with your outline proposal and cover letter. If the latter, please ensure that you have followed standard manuscript format, as far as it applies to poetry collections. If you’re not sure what that means, follow this link. You may also find this useful.

As far as cover letters are concerned, please don’t concern yourself unduly over the content. A simple “Dear Editors, please find attached my collection, which I’d be grateful if you’d consider for publication” is ample. You’re entirely welcome to tell us about yourself, your previous publications (but if you don’t have any, don’t worry – everyone has no previous publications at first), any awards you’ve won (again, don’t worry if you haven’t won any, or if you consider the whole notion of competition in the arts to be loathsome), or anything else that you think might be relevant.

Please submit your work as an attachment to an email (not as the body of the message, and preferably in either .doc/.docx or .pdf format) to The body of the message can be your cover letter. Please format the subject line “Submission: Surname: Collection Title” or “Submission: Surname: Proposal Title”. We will endeavour to reply within three months (we know, that’s forever, but your work deserves our full attention, our editorial staff is very small, they work unpaid, and we’re busy). If you haven’t had a response within that time, please query at the same address using the same subject line format.

We look forward to reading your work.

In the Name of the Voice

Submissions for our quarterly journal should broadly follow the same guidelines: send your work (no more than six poems at a time, please) to with “Submission: Surname: Journal” in the subject. There is no closing date for submissions: we’ll simply place accepted work in the next published issue. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged; please let us know if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

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