Why are there no books?

We’re working on it! The first three are at various stages of development, and hopefully there’ll be something to show by November.

Can I send you my work?

Yes! Please do. Everything you need to know about submitting something is on our submissions page.

Not quite everything is on your submissions page. Will I get paid?

We hope so. At the moment, we aren’t in a position to offer advances, but we do pay royalties on books and chapbooks. What that means is, the more books of yours we sell, the more money you make. The journal does not currently pay royalties (although we’re always looking for ways to change that).

What about submissions for your newsletter?

Send us an email to info@alexanderandbrook.co.uk with “newsletter submission” in the subject line. Newsletter submissions aren’t paid, sadly.

I have an idea!

Tell us! Use the contact form, or send us an email.

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